piątek, 18 kwietnia 2014

Workshops in Spain


Today we want to announce that in May and June we will be leading classes in Spain.


For more information please click >here<
You can also write at scrapbooking@thebalde.net



For more information please click >here<


This is the mix of art journal and album to tell the story from your life.
During the class we will show you how to create a fluffy live journal using the mixed-media and recycling techniques.
Need some tips and tricks about recycling in art? Awesome! We will show you how amazing is using your hands to create something special and unique.
And show you how to think outside the box.
What you will need for classes? Some recycling materials (old newspapers or magazines for example, but don`t worry we will have some with us), glue, scissors, hole punch, stapler, heat, mister, paper cutter knife, brushes (paint is well see), something for writing (pencil, pen or marker), ink pad. 
Also we want you prepare a few, the most liked quotes. Don`t forget to take some photos with you (maximum size 10x10 cm).
Be prepare for dirty hands, mess on the desk and lots of fun.
Kit includes scrapbooking papers, chipboards, buttons, die cuts, alphabets and special design stamp set, journaling cards and much more!  

Imagine the album with photos of what you love. Beautiful, isn`t?
During the class we will show you how to create amazing album with care and love from bottom of your heart. 
We will use mixed-media techniques, journaling and transfering. Sounds fun, isn`t it?  
What you will need for classes? 5 color photos of things you love the most (maximum size 10x10 cm), glue, scissors, hole punch, stapler, heat, mister, brushes (paint is well see), something for writing (pencil, pen or marker), ink pad. 
Kit includes scrapbooking papers, chipboards, buttons, die cuts, alphabets and special design stamp set, journaling cards and much more!

Can`t wait to meet you and create something amazing with you ♥
Nulka & Jaszmurka

czwartek, 17 kwietnia 2014

czwARTek z...

Zobaczcie jakie smakowite kąski przygotowała dla nas Sevrina :)
Check out new awesome works made by Sevrina :)

 • layout KISS •

 collection cook eat wash repeat

• art journal •
stamp frame

Ściskamy :)
hugs :)

Sevrina & SODAlicious DT

środa, 16 kwietnia 2014

Kwick in April

Gromkimi brawami witamy na blogu Cecile, znaną jako Kwick. Jest przeurocza, przezdolna i bardzo skromna. Przygotowała ona dla nas ogromną porcję inspirujących prac z udziałem naszych najnowszych kolekcji. Zapraszamy!

• Hi!
In April our SODAguest is Cecile, well know as Kwick, adorable and talented scraper. She prepared a lots of inspiring works with brand new collections of papers. Enjoy!

Hello everyone!
Firstly, I want to thank Nulka & Jaszmurka for their invitation, which I accepted with a great pleasure! It is an honor for me to be the guest of the brand for the month of April!
I am pleased to present you what I did with the Sodalicious products. I love this brand because the products are of extremely high quality! The graphics are beautiful, and I fell in love with the new collections. As always patterns are very fresh and dynamic!


For this first card I used paper collection "Pencil lines" with a small orange touch. I focused all my items in the center of my card. I have a stack of paper to give volume to the whole.

For this second card I used the two new collections. I layered papers and I cut small frames, to beautify the whole. I love the mix of gray and yellow, so I could only love this collection!

For the third card, I used the same papers as before, this time with a blue touch, thanks to the ink.


I used the "Cook eat wash repeat" collection to make this mini yellow/black/gray. I played with the mix of papers and cutting small items to complete it. A dynamic and with good result!


I used for the first page "Pencil lines" collection, very soft! I think the colors of this collection are perfectly suited for the subject of my page: the birth of my nephew (lovely isn't he?!). I tried to keep this dreamer and gentle spirit, thanks to the little elements.

For the second page, I wanted a dynamic atmosphere. So I chose the "Cook eat wash repeat" collection, with lots of yellow (I looove yellow!). I cut my page into two parts, with an inked part and part "graphic paper". I cut small graphic elements like the cup to complete the whole.

Thank you Kwick for your amazing works!

Kwick used:
^ 'cook eat wash repeat' collection
^ 'pencil lines' collection
^ acrylic circle black chipboards
^ acrylic square black chipboards
^ black alphabet
^ white alphabet

poniedziałek, 14 kwietnia 2014

monDAY with...

Esther zrobiła prezent przyjaciółce, która wkrótce urodzi dziecko. Taki mini album na najważniejsze notatki, chwile, zdjęcia. Przyjaciółce prezent spodobał się bardzo, nam też, a Wam?

• Hey you!!
Today it's perfect time for show you one of the latest presents I did.
it's a little funny pregnancy mini album for someone special for me, my friend Iva :)
In a few weeks, Luca will be here and it's necessary to remember some special moments, isn't it?
I made this mini using green envelopes, some sodalicious cards and my great collection of sodalicious stamps....i love it!!
The result is here and I hope you like it as well as Iva and me ;) 


mi primera ecografia= my first ultrasound

mi mama tiene antojo de....= my mom has cravings for...

este soy yo, Luca = and this is me, Luca

Happy monday!!
Esther & SODAlicious DT