sobota, 18 kwietnia 2015

SODAlift #5

Witajcie :)

Kolejny lift na naszym blogu. Tym razem w obroty bierzemy pracę Chelseavn
Miłej zabawy!

• Hi :)

It is time for next SODAlift on our blog. We have for you awesome work Chelseavn 

• and here you have our interpretation

and our today's special guest -


Na Wasze prace czekamy do 5 maja.
Zwycięzcę ogłosimy następnego dnia.
Warunek: praca musi zawierać produkty SODAlicious. Inne marki również mile widziane :)

• We are waiting for your works till May 5.
The winner will be announce next day!
One condition: your work has to be create with SODAlicious products. Other brand are welcome also :)

czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

czwARTek z...

hej ho!

dzisiaj zasypiemy Was karteluchami od Sab :)

Hey there : )

Today, I wanna show you some cards. 
At start, I have to make 2 cards for birthdays friends, but once started, it was impossible to stop!
I usually dislike making cards, but with SODAlicious products it was so easy, so inspiring ! 

I made the cards using Cosy moments/Lazy days and Flower power collections, 
I also used Sodalicious stamps, witch are my favs !
Take a coffee and and sit comfortably, there is a lot of photos ^^
Hope you'll enjoy !!

Sab & SODAlicious DT

poniedziałek, 13 kwietnia 2015

monDAY with... Sevrina art journal tuto

Sevrina it`s here! Today I will show you how to make art journal page like this.

step.1 Take a your favorite sketchbooks. Also I will use the pattern of mini-set paper "who lives here", magazine clippings, a pencil, stamps and some decorations.

step.2 I cover page with using a gesso for better adhesion between the layers.

step.3  Draw a pencil flowers on a photo. I did not have the goal to make an exact copy, I would only use a texture of pencil drawing.

step.4 Add some color with acrylic paints.

step.5 Cut the some of the paper and stick over the picture. I mix texture: pencil + pattern

step.6 Use stamps. I like to do this is unusual, for example, to make a print incompletely or wipe by the stamp in some places as if to slide on ice like here.

step.7 Now I stuck magazine clippings. Sometimes I draw itself and in this case I came across an interesting picture of a female head and I decided to use it.

step.8 I use a labels from the sheet "so delicious notes / i eat cookies in bed".

step.9 I add more details, write a markers by hand, the meaning of the text does not necessarily have to be.

step.10 A little more texture, add a plywood chipboard. Check the composition, if necessary I add a splash of paints and ink. 

Done! Thank you, I hope you liked it!

Sevrina & SODAlicious DT

sobota, 11 kwietnia 2015


Temat No63 brzmi ►"POMIĘDZY"
Na wasze interpretacje czekamy do ►  28 kwietnia !

• Theme No63 ►  "BETWEEN"
We look forward to your interpretations till ► April 28 !

Inspirujące prace naszej załogi:
Inspiring work of our DT:

I nasz specjalny gosc, zwyciezca wyzwania #63
• and our special SODAguest, winner of #63 art journal challenge

► Ma.kesz

Mamy nadzieję, że dołączycie do nas :* 
Czekamy na wasze interpretacje do 28 kwietnia! 
We hope you will join us: * 
We are waiting for your interpretations till April 28! 

 Zwycięzca zostanie zaproszony do wzięcia udziału w kolejnym art journalowym wyzwaniu a jego praca zostanie opublikowana na blogu wraz z pracami SODAlicious DT. 

• We invite the winner of this theme to join our SODAlicious DT in next art journal challenge.